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Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture originated some 2000 years ago.
It is holistic in its healing principles.


Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture originated some 2000 years ago. It is holistic in its healing principles. It treats the whole person, and not simply the symptoms of illness. Today, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is used by millions of people throughout one quarter of the world and rapidly established itself as a centre of excellence traditional medicine system. Population attest to its success in both the treatment of disease or illness to. Its promotion of good health and longevity. Dr. Jo Wang set up this Chinese medicine clinic in Wellington Shropshire in 1988, he introduced to the local people the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture.


Dr.Monica Wang has studied Acupuncture in the early years in China and South Asia. While she was studying in the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences Institue of Acupuncture International Training center, she really fell in love with the green treatment-Acupuncture. In 1999, she settled in the UK where she continued to practise and to study traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture. She graduated from Middlesex University, one of the few Universities in the UK offering advanced degree courses in Chinese Medicine. Dr.Wang also completed a three-year course in advanced herbalism and was awarded her Diploma ‘ With Distinction’. She is thus able to combine Chinese and Western approaches to Herbal Medicine and to provide the most efficacious approach to the treatment of various medical problems. Herbal creams and ointments, which she uses in her clinic and benefit to her patients.


Dr.Wang’s Chinese Herbal Medicine Clinic treat different disease by Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture needling methods. When a disease occurs, it is diagnosed by means of four kinds of diagnostic methods, namely observing, listening, questioning and palpating. We can treat Infectious diseases, Diseases of respiratory system, Diseases of circulatory system,Diseases of digestive system, Diseases of blood system, Diseases of urinary and Reproductive systems, Endocrine and metabolism diseases, Neural and mental diseases, Diseases of locomotor system, Diseases of surgery and dermatology, Diseases of eyes, Ears, nose, and throat. Gynaecological disease, pediatrics diseases, and others:- High fever, Coma, Obstinate hiccup, Stopping smoking or drinking, infertility, Hair Loss, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture) Cosmetology etc.


Dr Monica Wang came to the UK in 2008, she continued using all of the traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture to help local people. Since its inception, Dr Wang’s Chinese medicine clinic has treated over 10.000 patients. Its Success is best demonstrated by the number of referees it receives from patients. Today the clinic is visited by patients from as far afield as Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Russia, USA… as well as from locals from, the West Midlands, Wales, Birmingham and UK’s other counties. Dr.Wang at the same time as providing general medical treatments for a wide range of health problem, TCM cosmaetology etc. She developed her own range of ;medicinal creams and ointments, she also has run various workshops bring her knowledge and experience to wider public. Dr. Wang insists on the highest standards of medical competence and continues to respond and benefit the patients as individuals.


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Dr.Wang’s Chinese Herbal Medicine Clinic treats different diseases by Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture needling methods.


Dr.Wang’s Chinese Herbal Medicine Clinic treats different diseases by Needling Methods and Herbal Medicine.


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